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About Skyttle Cirque!

    Skyttle has been a passionate performing artist since she was a tiny human. She danced with a pre-professional ballet company up until high school, where she unearthed the magickal world of circus. By becoming immersed in the aerial arts, Skyttle has developed a strong foundation for innovative movements and fluidity on the corde lisse and dance trapeze. She enjoys exploring the creative process, and working on collaborative projects with like-minded artists.

Skyttle loves to bring an engaging stage presence that captivates her spectators and leaves them feeling invigorated and inspired.


  • Aerial Acrobatics

  • Ringmaster, Announcer / MC

  • Dance

  • Showgirl

Skyttle has performed in numerous shows across the United States & Canada with the following companies: Great Benjamins Circus, All American Circus, Lewis & Clark Circus, Acrobatic Conundrum, Skyz the Limit NYC, and Zircon & Wish Aerial Entertainment.

Resume or CV Available Upon Request.

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